SOMA美術館全館(韓国)にて、『88ソウルオリンピック開催25周年記念 力, 美はどこにあるのか?』展を開催。



展覧会名:88ソウルオリンピック開催25周年記念 力, 美はどこにあるのか?
開館時間: 火曜日~日曜日10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
休館日 : 月曜日(元旦、旧正月、秋夕)
住所: ソウル市松坡区方荑1洞88-2

【韓国】 ナムジュン・パイク(Nam-June Paik)、鄭鉉(Chung Hyun)、高明根(Goh Myung Geun)、金信日(Kim Shin Il)、崔台勳(Choi Tae Hoon)、徐道豪(Suh Do Ho)、姜愛蘭(Kang Ai Ran)
王中(Wang Zhong)、吳爲山(Wu Wei Shan)、殷晓峰 (Yin Xiaofeng)
劉栢村(Liu Po Chun)



The “88 Seoul Olympics 25th Anniversary “Power, Where Does the Beauty Lie?” exhibition will be held at all exhibition spaces in the SOMA Museum of Art (South Korea). The exhibition features 14 artists/teams from four countries: Taiwan, and three former hosts of the Summer Olympics, Japan (1964), Korea (1988), and China (2008). 7/12 (Fri) – 9/22 (Sun)


88 Seoul Olympics 25th Anniversary “Power, Where Does the Beauty Lie?”
Hours: Tuesday ~ Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Last Entry at 5 p.m.)
Holidays and closings : Every Mondays, New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year’s Day, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)
Place:Seoul Olympic Museum of Art
Adress: 88-2, Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

【South Korea】
Nam-June Paik、Chung Hyun、Goh Myung Geun、Kim Shin Il、Choi Tae Hoon、Suh Do Ho、Kang Ai Ran
Shinji Ohmaki、Antenna、teamLab
Yin Xiaofeng、Wang Zhong、Wu Wei Shan
Liu Po Chun

■Seoul Olympic Museum of Art
Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, along with its 95,940㎡ size of Sculpture Park filled with the world’s sculpture art and landscape, is a resting place for public created to celebrate the fruits of Seoul Olympic. People can enjoy the minimal look of modern museum and appreciate the beautiful art of sculptures and sceneries while strolling on the clay out in the sculpture park. The creative spirits of artists breathing through their artwork, little squirrels running across right in front of you and the chestnut burrs fallen under the trees will give you delightful joys of being in a different world away from the everyday life. Here, you can find a pleasant culture space and a museum with art and nature where you can relax, meditate and freshen up your days.